This is the seventeenth time already that the annual springtime collective action event Let’s Do It takes place in Estonia, when thousands of people gather to do something for their own living environment. The Let’s Do It collective action day arose from the big clean-up day of 2008 and the subsequent collective brainstorming of 2009 and this year marks the 15th time when The Let’s Do It collective action day takes place in the same form.

Everybody is invited to organise collective works and submit them to the Let’s Do It website.

The focus is on:

Safety of water bodies in home neighborhoods

This year’s Collective Action Day is dedicated to improving the safety of water bodies within our home neighborhoods. Let’s ensure that all water bodies, regardless of the size, are safe for children and adults. By cleaning the shore paths, repairing footbridges, installing guard rails around ponds– each such collective work can prevent tragic water related accidents.

Biodiverse learning gardens to every kindergarten and school

Biodiversity enriches our lives, and each of us can create and preserve it. We urge and inspire urban and rural kindergartens and schools to establish biodiverse learning gardens that inspire, educate and the joy of discovery during each season. Even in limited spaces, such as terraces, balconies and rooftops, a small garden can be established.

Cultural experience to every collective action site

This year marks the celebration of the European Capital of Culture and Estonia’s cultural diversity, and we are highlighting our communities and their rich cultural layers. Let us gather around the pots filled we soup made from our grandmother’s recipes, share stories from the collective action efforts, and allow musical instruments to uplift our spirits. Let’s enjoy the collective action day filled with culturally immersive experiences.

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