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Clean up the basements

We invite you to clean up the basements and get rid of the trash and unnecessary stuff. Cleaned up and easily accessible basements help to remove the threat of a fire in the basement and building. Also, tidy and prepared basement can serve as a potential place of refuge and shelter.
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Biodiversity around schools and at the 13th
Youth Song and Dance Celebration

Each of us can contribute to conservation of nature's biodiversity. Together with and inspired by the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Holy is the Land” we encourage schools all over Estonia to recognize and create biodiversity.
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Clean up the saunas

Let’s clean up all the saunas in Estonia! Collective work in saunas, either in the countryside or in the cities are drawing attention to the state and safety of saunas. Taking care of the sauna helps to ensure that everyone going to the sauna is secure and the experience is good for the health.
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basement clean-ups


sauna clean-ups


schools enriched with biodiversity

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