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Today’s all-Estonian Let’s Do It 2+2 has more than 2000 collective works submitted

On Saturday, 1 May, the family-centric collective action campaign Let’s Do It 2+2 is held all across Estonia. More than 2000 works had been submitted by the morning. In addition to other springtime works, more than 760 species rich flower meadows were in the works, as well as 430 compost bins and 350 insect hotels. All the people of Estonia are invited to work together on the 2+2 collective action day in a safe manner and in compliance with the current restrictions. Everybody can submit their works on the collective action website at, and share their photos and videos with the hashtags #2x2talgupäev ja #teemeära2021.

Tarmo Tüür, leader on the 2+2 collective action day said that even though the all-Estonian collective action day Let’s Do It that has traditionally been held the first Saturday of May takes place in 2+2 form this year, the verve and the enthusiastic involvement have not disappeared. “This year, we invite people to undertake those works that can be done by two people or a family. Insect hotels and compost bins are fun to build and provide a year full of wonderful observations to the small and big alike,” said Tüür. He added that the map of collective actions was motley and still in the process of being updated.

This year, all the appeals of the Let’s Do It team involve caring – that we care more about the living environment, food, and each other. The emphasis is on everybody’s nature conservation activities and the reduction of food waste, and also on safe co-operation and mental vitamins. As has become tradition, all the people of Estonia can still undertake those particular works with their loved ones that need to get done most urgently, even in the 2+2 format.

According to the General Director of the Health Board Üllar Lanno, it is important to observe all the safety rules, because the various strains of the SARS-CoV-2 with different infection capacities have not stopped spreading. “We ask you to keep an eye out on your activities so that the upcoming loosening of restrictions wouldn’t cause infection rates to increase again. Keep safe distance with other people while outside, and do wear a mask in a crowded place,” said Lanno. “We emphasize that the sick, the proximate contacts, and those who have just returned from a trip abroad remain home. Acting in a responsible manner helps us return to our normal way of life.”

The Let’s Do It website provides recommendations on how to conduct collective action in a safe way, and also on other topics that we focus on this year: how to pay attention to and support the biodiversity around us, how to decrease food waste and get started with composting, and also how to provide even more support to our loved ones in a difficult time like this.

The organisers of the 1 May collective action day are the Estonian Fund for Nature and Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement, plus its surrounding network. National Foundation of Civil Society, Active Citizens Fund, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Green Tiger, MTÜ Peaasjad, Apotheka, Bauhof, LHV Youth Bank, Vizeum, Tele2, and others participate as partners.

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