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Let’s Do It collective action day had 1,215 events and 27,901 participants according to final tally

Final tally by event foremen shows that there were 1,215 collective action events held this year under the moniker of Let’s Do It, with 27,902 participants, among whom were people from Ukraine who participated in 200 events. The largest number of collective action events were held in Harjumaa and Tallinn, but the largest share of the population took part in Saaremaa. In addition to other springtime works, water safety was improved in 280 sites across Estonia, 362 species rich flower meadows were created, and 99 insect hotels were built. Feedback accumulated in the Let’s Do It headquarters can be read at The next all-Estonian collective action day Let’s Do It will take place on 6 May 2023.

Over the course of the collective action day, the value of the voluntary work contributed by the volunteers and foremen amounted to at least 900 000 euros. The most events were held in Harjumaa and Tallinn, where 9,310 participated in 303 collective action events. Proportional to population size, Saaremaa had the largest number of participants – 2,203 of them partook in 132 events. In Ida-Virumaa, there were 3347 participants in 99 events. In Pärnumaa, the numbers were 1,866 and 93, respectively, in Tartumaa 1,765 and 90, in Lääne-Virumaa 1,653 and 90, in Viljandimaa 1,370 and 64, in Raplamaa 944 and 60, in Järvamaa 1,231 and 52, in Jõgevamaa 787 and 52, in Läänemaa 728 and 51, in Võrumaa 1,014 and 46, in Valgamaa 1,054 and 44, in Põlvamaa 377 and 22, in Hiiumaa 178 and 15. Collective action events were also held in Canada and France. 

Event stats spreadsheet is available at  and the event map can be viewed at

In cooperation with the Rescue Board, this spring the focus was on the safety of water bodies in home neighbourhoods. Works supporting biodiversity were also undertaken. Recommendations on those issues are still available on Let’s Do It website to everybody who is interested. A short film about the day can be viewed at Event photographs and videos can still be shared with the hashtag #teemeära2022, or you can send the link to the photos via e-mail to (please add the name and location of the event). Videos from the collective action day can be uploaded to YouTube (keyword “Teeme Ära 2022”). Feedback from event foremen is welcome at Impressions from event sites can be glimpsed at

All-Estonian collective action Let’s Do It day arose from the big clean-up day of 2008 and the subsequent collective brainstorming of 2009. Since 2010, it has been an opportunity for every active citizen, neighbourhood, and community to do something for their own living environment. This was the 15th time that the annual springtime collective action day Let’s Do It was held in Estonia, and the collective action spring culminated on the first Saturday of May. The organisers of the 7 May collective action day were The Estonian Fund for Nature and Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement, plus its surrounding network. National Foundation of Civil Society, Rescue Board, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Dentsu X, Bauhof, LHV Youth Bank, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tele2, and others participated as supporters and partners.

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